North Lodge Park: Plan B

where have all the flowers gone?

Another twist in the saga

To be honest the twists in the saga of North Lodge Park this week caught us all by surprise, but we hope this marks the start of a positive phase for the Park after the frustrations of the past months.

For those of you who didn’t hear this week’s news: North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) kept strictly to their published deadline for the transfer, and as the Town Council hadn’t completed the transfer by 21st July the project was stopped.  We understand this means that Cromer Town Council will not be taking ownership of the Park.

At this moment we don’t really know what this means for the Park, but hope to get some clarity on the situation over the coming days.   We can’t even begin to speculate on what will happen next, we hope NNDC take account of the community view and that they will be prepared to work with us positively.  I’d like to say watch this space, but I’m not sure it’s worth watching at the moment.

OK, watch this space.

Barry Meadows
(Confused and bewildered) secretary Friends of North Lodge Park

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