North Lodge Park Cafe will reopen next week

North Lodge Park Tea Rooms

It’s your park – it’s your cafe

It will take a while for NNDC to determine the best long term plans for North Lodge Park following last week’s closure of the transfer project, but at a meeting we had with them yesterday they said they are keen to see some action in the Park quickly.

To support this they have offered the Friends an immediate 4 month licence to run the cafe; all money made will be for the Friends to use on the Park. This was one of your priorities so we have accepted the offer and now need your help to make it a reality.

We have the keys, and have made an initial inspection. The interior of the building is in quite a good state and a quick once over with paint will make it usable. The exterior is in a poor state, but for such a short term licence can be made good with some paint and careful filling. NNDC have offered to provide us the decorating materials so we’ve no excuse not to get on with it.

Painting in North Lodge Park Tea RoomsThis weekend we will be working on the cafe: if you have some time please do come along and grab a paint brush – how ever much or little time you have. It is your cafe and we really do need your help to make it a success for the Park.

We also need your help in equipping the cafe – it is an empty shell. We all have odds and ends in the cupboards and we’re sure that together we can equip it without the need for too much expense.

crocks needed for North Lodge Park Tea RoomsIn terms of running the cafe we will need (in no particular order, and by no means a complete list): Cutlery….knives, forks, dessert spoons, tea spoons, serving spoons; Crockery…side plates, large plates, tea cups, saucers, serving dishes, bowls; Glasses; Teapots; Kitchen utensils…..wooden spoons, knives, cake slicers, tongs Trays Sugar bowls/ dispensers; Milk jugs; Water jugs; Cake domes/ covers; Cafetieres; Plastic table cloths; Washing up bowl; Ramekins for butter and jam; Tupperware, all sizes; Flower vases; Dustpan and brush; Broom; Mop and bucket; Tea towels; Parasols Tables and chairs ( inside and outside); Bookcase; Bin. Please dig out what you can (there are bound to be other things we have forgotten) – it will all help us get up and running quickly.

In addition, there are some bigger items we will need, such as Fridge, Freezer, Microwave, Kettles, Coffee machines, Water urn. And a first aid kit.

Please look around to see if you have anything that could help; or ask your friends and neighbours.

If you can help with any of these items for your cafe, please let us know, bring them to the cafe on Monday, or let us know and we will come and collect.

Cakes and Crepes

We plan to keep everything simple so will be offering ‘cakes and crepes’ along side drinks and ice-creams. There is lots to plan, and lots to discuss. If all goes well we hope to open next Friday 7th August, so it really is all hands to the pump from now this week!


We have been impressed with the way NNDC have responded so quickly. Within 24 hours they had bought and delivered all the materials we need to renovate the cafe, completed the licence, and had the cafe electricity checked for compliance. We are also very grateful they are covering all bills for the 4 months so this will help us create some profits to feed directly back into the park.

We know that there is much more to the Park than the cafe, and we will be updating you with other opportunities we discussed with NNDC as soon as we get the cafe plans underway.
Barry Meadows
Secretary, chief cook and bottle washer, Friends of North Lodge Park

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