What will your message be?

plank appeal - North Lodge Park 2019

Be part of the story of North Lodge Park

At our AGM on April 24th, we launched a public appeal to raise money to enable us to complete the funding for  the Playful Connection.  Through your generosity and a substantiation contribution from Cromer Town Council we have half the £219,000 needed,  We are also looking for grant funding, and by showing your support in the Plank Appeal this will help our application to grant funders.

new play bridge with plaque

From the Rusts Shelter and the two model yacht ponds to benches, plants, and equipment, North Lodge Park has benefited from donations since it opened in 1929. This appeal continues that tradition and gives you the opportunity to become part of the story of North Lodge Park.

You can donate any amount, and all donations of £90 and over will entitle the donor to a message etched onto a plaque on one of the planks.  We’re hoping everyone will support the campaign – individuals, businesses, groups, families – let’s make it a real community project.  Get together with your friends and colleagues, with your neighbours or with fellow volunteer groups.  

What will your message be?

sponsor a plank - sponsorship form

You can donate online at NorthLodgePark.org.uk or pick up a form from the Park Cafe.

If you want more information or would like to support the project in other ways get in touch via email.

If you have already sponsored a plank – and many of you have – THANK-YOU

If this park could talk…

…what would it say?

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