The end really is in sight?

CTC have called an extra full council meeting for this Wednesday 22 July 2015 ( “to agree to sign paperwork for the transfer of North Lodge Park”; so without any last minute hitches by Thursday the park will be under the management of Cromer Town Council (two days after the immovable deadline given by NNDC!)

At the CTC full council meeting on the 6th July ( “Members considered the questions raised by the Friends of North Lodge Park at the last meeting and it was AGREED that the Clerk and Cllr. Harris will draft a reply. ”

We can only assume that the issues we raised have been taken into account by the council in the decisions they have made in taking on the Park, but to date we have not received the agreed response, nor have we had any indication about the recommendations we made at the end of April, and whether any of these have been considered in the decisions being made.

After careful consideration, it has been decided to continue taking a back seat and not going to the meeting Wednesday; there is little point of us reminding CTC of our concerns.

The Friends have not been part of any discussions, nor any planning for the start of ownership, and we do not know what part of the future CTC want the Friends to play in the Park.


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