NLP Cafe day 2 update.

North Lodge Park CafeIt is only 4 days since we were given the licence for the Cafe in North Lodge Park by NNDC and the transformation is amazing, as is the support from you all.  It is definitely your cafe.

The cafe will be serving  ‘crepes and cakes’, keeping it simple.

The number of people that have been to help, brought in their spare cutlery and crockery, tables and chairs just proves the passion you have for getting the cafe back up and running.

And then Shane Scarff, family and friends turned up to give the hedges at ‘our end’ of the Park a haircut – just another amazing transformation (they certainly put Kier to shame with their efforts here and elsewhere across Cromer).

We’re on target for opening on Friday – still lots to do getting ready, and lots of things needed to equip the cafe – such as a small chest freezer – ice creams are bound to be a hit over the summer so we need to be able to keep them cold!


I think it’s time to think about the publicity…


See you soon.


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