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Behind the scenes your elected committee (of ordinary residents like you) is actively seeking out views from the community on what you want in your Park. With over 400 of our Park surveys returned and still 3 weeks to go it is clear that there is considerable interest in North Lodge Park. Whilst this is more results than the previous survey (March 2007) we still need your help getting the message across – please ask your family and friends to complete the survey – online at or pick up a paper copy from Budgens.

Cromer Town Council North Lodge Park committee

north lodge park cromerThe Cromer Town Council (CTC) North Lodge Park committee met on 19th March, which was the first time the elected Friends representatives had an opportunity to raise many of the issues you asked about at the AGM. Legally, this is a formally structured meeting run under strict rules but within this it is clear that the Town Council want to work in partnership with us and are looking for the Friends to be creative in bringing forward ideas for the Park.

In response to the questions we raised on your behalf:

  • there are no agreed figures on how much the Park has cost NNDC to maintain – it seems NNDC have not shared this information – so we are unable to confirm any of the figures being quoted
    therefore, the 2015/16 CTC North Lodge Park budget is a best-guess, but is a minimal maintenance budget
  • the budget includes maintaining the toilets (for which rates are payable), but not the thatched ‘collectors cabin’ (as this addition came after the budget was set) on which rates are payable (unbelievable!); the budget does not include rates for putting should this be reinstated
  • the café will pay its own business rates when opened
  • NNDC are paying the legal costs for the transfer
  • there are no plans for the ‘dowry’ (although £3k has been used this year to balance the budget)

We made it clear to the Council it is obvious from the survey results so far that you do not want another year without some investment in the Park, and that we need to expedite any processes needed for action this year, for example opening the café (recognising the Park is much more than just the café) . In addition

  • CTC want to have a set of ‘rules and regulations’ for the Park and have asked the Friends to help develop these
  • CTC have agreed to work with the Friends on an expedited process to open the café this year
  • There are issues about vehicles in the Park which will need urgent attention when the transfer is complete: unauthorised access, parking and speed. There are vehicular rights of way and parking rights in the Park to be considered. CTC have asked the Friends to work with them on addressing the issues.
  • CTC have agreed to continue printing posters, handouts and surveys for the Friends
  • CTC agreed to link to our website from

Where next…

CTC have always stated that they have not made any plans for the Park because they wanted the community input; it is the Friends role – your role – to help provide this. It is clear that CTC have adhered to this, which means that plans for taking on the Park are at an early stage of development. As well as compiling a report from the survey results, the Friends will need to help CTC manage the transition period.

Our plan now is to prepare a report which:

  • provides an analysis of the survey data for publishing by the end of April
  • makes clear recommendations, based on the survey, for specific immediate actions which should be taken
  • outlines a set of longer term recommendations, based on the survey, for development of the Park

This plan will be presented to CTC on 30 April, on the website and at an open meeting with you in early May.

There is a lot to do over the next month – we ask your patience if we aren’t as pro-active in keeping you as up to date as we would like. If you want more information, you can contact one of the committee, follow us on social media, or write to us


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