New picnic benches

In the last year when open space has been in demand, North Lodge Park in Cromer has really been appreciated by the community. It’s become a “go to place” to meet outside while the pandemic has changed us. The park seating has been in demand, the new benches on the upper lawn sponsored by members of the community have already become a destination for meeting up, whether to play on the slide, nets and swing or look out to sea.

Now Cromer’s Morrisons has donated two picnic benches to North Lodge Park, to provide extra seating for the community to use on the grass area next to the rose garden. “We really support the work of the Friends group in North Lodge Park and wanted to give something practical for the community to use”, said Simon Clipsom from Morrisons in Cromer, “it has been great to see the park so well used.”

Morrisons have been a regular supporter of the volunteers in the park, as well as donating plants, Morrisons sponsor the sunflower competition which this year will start at the Plant Fair on June 5th, and the October pumpkin carving event. The donation for the benches comes from the store’s glass recycling fund which supports many local causes – money raised from glass deposited in the bottle banks in the store’s car park.

The park cafe, which has been closed all through the pandemic, has reopened. Tuesday 18th May, re-opening day, also marks the 92nd birthday of the park which first opened back in 1929. Volunteers have given the outside a coat of paint ready for the summer. As the cafe restarts things will be a bit different for a while to ensure our volunteers and customers stay safe. But we aim to get back to the café we all know and love as soon as it is safe to do so.

Photo Credit: Malcolm English Photography

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