5 Star Cafe in North Lodge Park

5 stars in North Lodge ParkWe were given a great boost last week when the inspection from Environmental Health gave us the top 5 star (very good) rating for cleanliness. It shows what can be achieved by focussing on operating a really quality establishment – well done to the team for this amazing achievement!

5 star memories

Everyday we hear more of your stories about the Park and the cafe; it seems generations of you have enjoyed the we've been sailing here for over 40 yearsPark, the boating lake and the cafe for many years. Let’s keep those memories alive, and together create new memories.

5 star help

You are key to the success of the cafe.it's a happy place It’s your cafe and we need your help. We’d like to keep the cafe open 6 days a week through the autumn, but the cafe will only be open if you help: in the cafe, baking cakes or as customers. Pop in and discuss how you can help.

If you are baking, please speak to us about what and when best bakewell in the worldyou can help – we need to manage the supply of cakes to make sure we meet the demand appropriately – please don’t bring cakes without telling us first as it can be embarrassing.

5 star Park

Taking on the cafe at such short notice in the peak season has been all consuming, and we haven’t thought much about the rest of the Park. Some of you are already helping in the gardens around the cafe (there is always room for more help) and are making a great difference.
where have all the flowers gone is a contemporary folk song.
We haven’t discussed the future of the Park with the District; following their decision in July to take back the Park; we felt they needed time to think. As the autumnal planting season approaches we need to start a dialogue to optimise developments over the coming months. Should I say watch this space?

5 star events

We’ve got some ideas for events in the cafe/park this autumn and will be sharing these with you very soon. If you have ideas please let us know: cafe@northlodgepark.org.uk.
Hope to see you in the cafe soon.
Barry Meadows
5 Star Barista Trainer

coffee barista style

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