North Lodge Park opened on Saturday 18 May 1929 – and to mark 90 years of Cromer’s clifftop park the Friends of North Lodge Park have published a 28 page ‘Brief History’ of the Park 1929-2019.

Chronicles of Cromer's North Lodge Park

Why did Cromer’s council buy the land to create North Lodge Park? How much did it cost to putt in the park when it opened? Was there really a Hovercraft in 1968 at Children’s Corner?

From the development of the Rocket House Gardens site and the Blue Danube Café in the 1930s, through the war years, the model yacht ponds and the Model Village, putting, bowls, tennis and croquet, the story of the park has been one of change and development (with a few hiccoughs along the way).

Find out what happened when, and how and why it happened where this is known.

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