Play park project

old bowling lawnThe first priority for investing the money the Friends are raising through the licence for the cafe is to develop a
children’s play area (play park project).  As outlined in the report from the consultation in the first quarter of 2016 the target area for the play park is the old bowling green, to the north of the cafe, to the west of North Lodge.

The project plan is being initiated in September 2016, with a target of delivering a play are by summer 2017.   If you would like to help with the project please get in touch in the usual way:, or call into the cafe.

Please send any comments and suggestions to the same email ( for input into the plan.  Regular updates will be posted on this website, and issued in the Friends newsletter (if you are not already subscribed you can do so by completing the form at the bottom of the page).


The project plan will consider an innovative and creative, as well as educational focus, rather than a standard swings and roundabouts approach to creating a play area in the Park.


To develop a creative an aesthetically pleasing and innovative children’s play area on the old Bowling Green basing the design around an adventure story to give a flow.


1. Work in partnership with NNDC and Cromer Town Council

2. Engage with the community to design a creative play area

3. Engage with design consultants and other successful projects to gain knowledge of development of an innovative play area

4. Seek funding for this project

5. Seek Planning permission for the play area

6. Purchase equipment, materials and landscaping suitable for a robust sustainable play area

7. Develop a sustainability plan to address the ongoing maintenance and funding requirements of the play area

8. Plan a public launch of the play area to be opened by a prominent member of the community

Desired Outcomes

  • An area that can be enjoyed by all children of ages 0-5 and 6-12
  • An area that provides education, exercise and stimulation and possible for adults to play alongside their children
  • An area including elements of sensory play
  • An area that is safe, aesthetically pleasing and is easy to maintain and difficult to spoil
  • An area that is acceptable to nearby residents
  • A unique attraction that is a destination of choice for people and families visiting the area