Gardening Festival | 18 May 2019

Welcome to the second Gardening Festival in North Lodge Park, Cromer – part of the popular Crab and Lobster Festival.  There will be some great festival stalls with experienced gardeners about, we’ve got some great activities for all.

Working with Cromer in Bloom and the Cromer Garden Society we’ll have a special show garden in the park highlighting the plants that grow well in Cromer, with experts on hand to talk you through the plants.

North Lodge Park was opened on May 18th 1929 making this the 90th anniversary! The Gardening Festival falls on the actual birthday so we’ll be making the event a birthday celebration by re-enacting the OPENING CEREMONY and there will be birthday cake in the afternoon.

Festival Programme

  • Stalls open from 10am to 4pm
  • 10.30 – Opening Ceremony
  • 10.45 – Storytelling with Auntie Daphne
  • 11.00 – Norwich City Concert Band
  • 12.00 – Infants school dancing
  • 14.00 – Norwich City Concert Band 
  • 15.00 – Marlene’s Dance Display
  • 15.30 – Birthday cake & Tea
  • 16.00 – Close
Cromer Gardening Festival

There will be children’s craft activities throughout the day.

There will be an opportunity to plant a sunflower for the park, with a prize at the end of the summer for the tallest (and shortest!)

And there will be donkey rides!

Who is coming and what to see

Norfolk Shepherd Huts

Norfolk Shepherd Huts are at home in any landscape: garden, orchard, woodland, or meadow and have immediate appeal as restful, calm retreats. They can be an extra room for family or holiday use; an office, studio, or summer house; or a wonderful place to watch wildlife.

panache plants
panache plants

Panache Plants

Panache is all about the plants.

The nursery was started from their personal plant collections and the team at Panache love collecting and propagating plants.   

Their full range is constantly changing as they find new interesting plants to get obsessed about. Their larger collections include ornamental gingers such as hedychiums and roscoeas. They also grow exotic canna lilies, bananas, bromeliads and arid plants such as aeoniums, echeverias, stone plants and cacti; and a wide range of herbaceous plants including salvias, dahlias, asters, chrysanthemums, crocosmia and gauras; and a large collection of carnivorous plants including venus flytraps, sundews and pitcher plants.

Wonder Worm

Master Composters

Norfolk Master Composters started in November 2006. The main aim of the programme is to raise awareness amongst the wider public of the benefits of composting, through a network of volunteer advisors.

The Norfolk programme operates as a partnership between Garden Organic and Norfolk County Council.
Master Composters are volunteers who encourage people in their local community to start composting at home, and offer support to people who are already home composting and may be having difficulties or need encouragement.

There are Master Composters of every age group and they come from a wide variety of backgrounds. This contributes to the effectiveness of the scheme – Master Composters can reach parts of communities that other compost promoting activities cannot.

Food Stalls

Fat Teds Streat Food at North Lodge Park

Fat Teds Streat Food

Offering a unique and adventurous take on street food.

Fat Teds pride themselves on serving a fresh, innovative menu that’s packed full of quirky ingredients, homemade flavour and punch. Born from their passion for food, travel and constructed around the gorgeous Fat Ted himself!

Fat Teds aim high to give you an inviting experience and insight into my wonderful world and all the foodie treats that make it so special.

Durban Grill at North Lodge Park

Durban Grill

The Durban Grill is Norfolk’s finest in South African Street Food, specialising in Traditional Zulu and South African Recipes including the use of Exotic Meats such as Ostrich, Crocodile and Zebra.

Edgefield Nursery

Edgefield Nursery

One of the main plant suppliers to the Park Volunteers, Edgefield will be providing a large range of plants to the festival.

Edgefield will supply a range of plants for you available at special festival prices.

great range of plants for sale

North Lodge Park Plants

The volunteer gardeners from North Lodge Park will be selling a range of plants at very attractive prices.

The great gardening Tombola returns – like a tombola but with a gardening theme.

There will also be gardening bric-a-brac (bring and buy) plus special home-made dog biscuits



The Bricksters will be at the festival selling a range of garden related items and crafts

Oldways Crafts from bacton

Oldways Crafts

Garden gifts, handmade wooden bird boxes, bird tables; handmade wooden houses (minature)

etched brass plaque to sponsor a plank in north lodge park

North Lodge Park

Volunteers will be on hand to discuss the Playful Connection project which will include details of how to sponsor a plank.

The new book detailing the chronology of North Lodge Park’s 90 year story, 1929-2019, will be on sale.

crepes and cakes in north lodge park cromer

The North Lodge Park Cafe

The ever popular cafe in the Park will be open serving crepes alongside cakes, teas and coffees.